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Urgent Help Needed

Delaware Riverkeeper Network urgently needs your help and support on the following issues:

Say NO to Fast Track Greasing Wheels for Fracking, LNG & Environmental Harm

oilwell2.jpgMore Drilling, Fracking, Pipelines and LNG Exports on the Horizon if Fast Track Legislation Passes. 
April 16, 2015 the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act was proposed for congressional review and approval -- this fast track legislation far from ensures accountability to the people or to Congress for bad deals being negotiated. 

Please...  Learn More


Stop the Fish Slaughter at the Delaware City Refinery

Atlantic Sturgeon Flyer.jpgStop the Fish Slaughter at the Delaware City Refinery  It hurts fishing, recreation, jobs, and the health of the River for all  Tell DNREC the Draft Permit they are Proposing for the Refinery is Not Good Enough 
For more than 13 years, the Delaware City Refinery (DCR) has been operating with an expired Clean Water Act permit and killing an estimated 45 million fish a year. DCR is using outdated technology and DNREC is giving them 4 more years to merely...  Learn More


Help Stop Geryville Mine From Destroying Hosensack Creek & Wetlands

Despite years of resistance and opposition from the local municipality, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, and the community, Geryville Mining Company continues to seek permission from PA DEP District Mining (DEP) to dig a new quarry that would irreparably harm the Hosensack Creek, its tributaries, fragile Exceptional Value wetlands in the watershed, and sensitive animals that flourish there.  

Please write a letter now to DEP urging them to give the public adequate time to review the complete quarry application and to hold public hearings.  Tell them the mine would cause irreparable harm to a flourishing and diverse region and degrade Exceptional Value wetlands and the Hosensack...  Learn More


Additional Issues : 

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Remember the River

Remember the River CampaignThe Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Remember the River campaign is a tribute to the Delaware. Learn more about this campaign.

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