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Urge Delaware Representatives to Defend the Coastal Zone Act


Urge Delaware Senators to Defend the Coastal Zone Act!

We need your help to protect Delaware’s Coast and to ensure the Coastal Zone Act is not weakened by a recently proposed amendment!

Delaware’s Coastal Zone Act (CZA) seeks to protect the natural environment of the coastal zone for recreation and tourism. But a bill (HB 190), recently proposed by Representative Osienski and others, contains disturbing amendments to the CZA that would allow:

  • New heavy industry and bulk product transfer facilities in the Coastal Zone.
  • Multiple heavy industries to be sited dangerously close to one another.

The proposed amendments to the Coastal Zone Act would weaken the protections for Delaware’s coastline, including in Delaware Bay, and undermine the purpose of the Coastal Zone Act by allowing for heavy industry development on grandfathered sites where it should be prohibited. It is important to note that not all development is prohibited on grandfathered sites in the Coastal Zone, there are only prohibitions on new heavy industry and bulk product transfer facilities. Other job creating options have always been allowed.

HB 190 does not best protect the people of Delaware or the environment, and it jeopardizes the hundreds of millions of dollars Delaware receives via tourism.

  • Attend the Senate Natural Resources Committee Hearing and testify this Wednesday! It will take place June 28th at 11 am in the Senate Chamber, 411 Legislative Ave, Dover, DE 19901.

The Senate will likely be voting on the issue Thursday afternoon, June 29th.

  • Call or meet with your state Senators immediately! The Senate will likely vote on Thursday; you can locate your Senators by inputting your address here:

CALL your Senator to tell them you do NOT support HB 190 and weakening Delaware’s Coastal Zone Act. Urge them to vote “NO.”  

Talking points for your written or oral testimony, or call:

  • Vote NO on HB 190.
  • A robust public process must take place prior to advancing any changes to the Coastal Zone Act that has served Delaware so well for so long.
  • A study of the CZA’s environmental and economic benefits should be conducted prior to any changes to the Act.

To learn more, review this helpful opinion piece:  3 Myths About Coastal Zone Act Proposal:

For more info on the Coastal Zone Act, visit: