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Sign on to Stop Trump's Dirty Energy Agenda


Sign on to Stop Trump's Dirty Energy Agenda

President Trump is fast tracking a dirty energy agenda that is putting our country at great risk.  From Hurricane Harvey’s devastation of Houston to massive forest fires on the West Coast, we are getting daily reminders of the dangers of privileging the fossil fuel industry at the expense of communities and the climate.

On September 20th community members and leaders from across the country will descend on DC to protest the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and its rubber stamp approval of fracked gas pipelines and LNG export facilities. Sign up to attend the rally and participate in other actions here.

We will then go to Congress to urge legislators to stop the rubber stamping of fossil fuel pipelines, and expand clean energy instead.  Dropping off the letter we are inviting you to sign on to, as well as one signed by organizations representing impacted communities from across the nation.  There are a lot of members of congress so we need lots of hands to drop in and drop off the letters that day.

Want to Support the Message and Add Your Name? 

Sign on to the letter we will be hand delivering to congress during lobbying after the morning rally before FERC. Tell your Senators and Representative in Congress that you demand a clean energy future for our country--See the letter text and sign on

In short, the letter asks Congress to:

  1.     Oppose legislation that does anything but strengthen review of, and protections from, fossil fuel development including infrastructure, such as S1460;
  2.     Call for Congressional hearings into the abuses of law and power by FERC, and to, as a result of the hearing process, identify and advance needed legislative and regulatory reforms;
  3.     Put in place a moratorium on new fracked gas infrastructure approvals by FERC until needed reforms are put in place;
  4.     Advance legislation and agency mandates that fast track advancement of clean energy alternatives and strive to position the United States as an international clean energy leader.


Congress is currently considering legislation that would accelerate the pipeline approval process, increase FERC’s authority, and lock us into a fossil fuels future.  Our senators and representatives need to hear from Americans nationwide that we strongly oppose this effort.

Instead, we need Congress to put a moratorium on any new fracked gas pipelines, hold hearings into FERC’s abuses, and pass legislation that gives communities the power to reject fossil fuel pipelines.

Take action today to oppose Trump’s Dirty Energy Agenda, and stand up for communities and the climate by signing the letter.

If you are the representative of an organization, please help further amplify our voices by signing our Organizational Sign On letter. And consider endorsing our action.


*For more information on the rally on September 20th, see our calendar event.*