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Tell DRBC Not to Be a Rubber Stamp on PennEast


The PennEast Pipeline cannot be built without approval from the DRBC.

And it was in great part thanks to our relentless pressure as a community that the DRBC finally recognized this. As they clearly articulated in a November 14, 2014 letter to the PennEast Pipeline Company, “DRBC review and approval are required prior to the commencement of any water withdrawal, discharge, or earth disturbance activities.”

However, recently uncovered information suggests that the DRBC may be hearing more from the PennEast Company in recent months—by way of presentations, site visits, questions and answers—than from the Community. This sort of preferential access to PennEast could result in the DRBC prematurely and narrowly reviewing the pipeline project.

Other agencies reviewing the pipeline project—including NJDEP, PADEP, and even FERC— have stated that the project information on the record provided by PennEast is insufficient, unverified, or false. Notably, NJDEP determined the PennEast’s application for state approval of its project to be “administratively closed” due to the company’s failure to remedy significant identified deficiencies and its failure to provide full information in a timely fashion for Clean Water Act decisionmaking. For the same reasons, it would be completely unacceptable for the DRBC to undertake any consideration of the PennEast Pipeline project at this time.

NOW is the time to remind the DRBC that we’re watching closely.

With the recent news that FERC had just approved PennEast, DRBC’s commitment to the community to exercise the full extent of its jurisdiction over PennEast (and to do so only once the information filed with the DRBC is demonstrated and verified to be both complete and accurate)–is more important than ever.

Please sign on to the attached letter to remind them: Organizations, individuals, elected officials, are all invited to sign on to this letter to be submitted to the Delaware River Basin Commission in which we ask for:

  • Equal access to DRBC staff as has been given to PennEast -- including site visits and expert presentations,
  • DRBC telling the public, like it surely has told PennEast, how much of the pipeline it is planning to review and regulate,
  • A commitment that DRBC will reject PennEast's offer to help respond to public comments,
  • A determination that the information PennEast has submitted is so deficient, incomplete, false and/or misleading that
  • DRBC is deferring further consideration until such time as the application is formally deemed complete,
  • A commitment that DRBC will not issue a draft docket or hold public hearings until DRBC has formally determined the PennEast application materials are fully complete and accurate.

Read the full letter and sign on here

For more information on the proposed PennEast Pipeline project, its impact on the environment and communities, and the deficiencies in project information: go HERE.

Please note—the spaces for organization and title are optional and not meant to exclude anyone! We want EVERYONE to sign on and show our strength in numbers! If you have another affiliation you want included, feel free to add it in!