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Take Action at FERC on January 18th!

888 First St. NE,
Washington, DC 20426

Thursday, January 18, 9:00 am

After almost a year without a quorum at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, we now have a Commission with four Trump appointees already rubber-stamping permits to expand gas pipelines. There are moves to further subsidize coal, gas and nuclear over renewable energy. There are moves to take away the power of states to grant or reject air and water quality permits. And now the new FERC leadership is saying they want to review the process of considering applications for gas permits, which could make a bad situation even worse.

Join us at 9 am on January 18th in front of FERC for a rally and press conference announcing our 8-point plan for how to enact a pipeline review process as if people and the planet mattered!! After presenting our plan, we’ll post copies of our 8-point plan on FERC’s front door.

And if you’re interested in going into the FERC Commissioners meeting, which begins at 10 am, email!


Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 09:00 AM