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Call in to Stop Senate Bill 1189!


Call in to stop PA Senate Bill 1189!

Senate Appropriations Committee to vote on bill that claims banning fracking is a “taking”

Please make a call to the majority and minority chairs of the Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee, to tell them to VOTE NO on SB1189. The bill, introduced by Senator Lisa Baker and approved June 12 by the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, would declare a protective ban on fracking passed by the Delaware River Basin Commission a legal “taking” that requires payment by the agency to impacted landowners, similar to eminent domain. The Appropriations Committee isn’t yet scheduled to vote on it but a meeting could be called at any time. This bill is moving fast through the legislature so we need to ACT NOW!

Call the 2 chairs of the Appropriations Committee TODAY to tell them VOTE NO:

Senator Patrick Browne (717) 787-1349 Majority Chair (District 16 – part of Lehigh County)

Senator Vincent Hughes (717) 787-7112 Minority Chair (District 7 – part of Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties)

Then please call any other members of the Committee, here is the link to their names and numbers

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As ridiculous as the bill sounds – on its face illegal and a cynical overreach - it is really important that we tell the Committee to stop this bill from moving any further so as not to allow any further misuse of the legislative process to advance this ill-informed and wrongheaded concept.  The State Legislature can’t tell DRBC what to do nor can an agency regulation to ban fracking be considered a “taking” of private property rights that would require compensation. See the letter submitted by organizations in opposition to the bill here.

Senate Bill 1189, legislation cited as “The Delaware River Basin Commission Eminent Domain Activity Act”, is a press stunt but also a dangerous attempt to undermine reasonable government efforts to protect the health, safety and environment from the destruction caused by fracking.  A duly adopted ban on fracking protects peoples’ health and the environment; it’s not a “taking”, it’s an important preservation of our environmental rights.