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DRBC - Enact a Full Ban on Fracking


Please Sign the Petition Now!

Please sign the petition below, even if you already signed one of the past petitions. We urgently need to alert the Governors of the four Delaware River Watershed states of the need for a FULL ban on fracking and its activities NOW!

Recent decisions from the Trump Administration make it more urgent than ever that Governors Murphy (NJ), Cuomo (NY), Wolf (PA) and Carney (DE) act now to pass a complete ban on fracking and all of its associated activities throughout the Delaware River Basin. The proposed Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) regulations that would ban fracking in the watershed allow for the storage, processing and discharge of fracking wastewater and the export of Delaware River Basin water for fracking elsewhere. This is unacceptable. All evidence proves how this would cause serious harm to the watershed and the water supply of over 15 million people. And the Trump Administration’s actions on everything from climate change to trade deals demonstrate what’s at stake for the River Basin if the Governors don’t step up and protect it.

Even as the United Nation’s climate experts gave dire warnings about how we need to urgently act to move away from fossil fuel extraction and burning, including fracked gas, to avoid catastrophic climate change, (see the report here), President Trump denies that humans caused climate change. Despite releasing an EPA report that showed the toxic dangers of fracking wastewater to our waterways, (see report here), the Trump Administration’s EPA may undo the prohibition on the acceptance of frack wastewater at the nation’s municipal sewage facilities and ease current water quality protections, paving the way for frack wastewater to be dumped in surface water, including the Delaware River Watershed (see details here).

And the oil and gas industry was declared the biggest winner in Trump’s recent trade deal, the “new NAFTA" (see the new trade agreement here). This trade deal will facilitate more drilling and fracking as it will allow for the rubber stamping of more fracked gas natural gas liquid exports, allow the industry to sue over more stringent regulations that could limit the industry’s profits and fails to even mention climate change.

That’s why we are launching this petition for you to sign to the Governors calling for a complete fracking ban and why we will be gathering at the state capitals in Albany, Trenton, Harrisburg and Wilmington on November 30 -- the day that Trump signs the new NAFTA deal --- to present the signed petitions to Governors Cuomo, Murphy, Wolf and Carney to stand up to Trump to support a full ban on fracking throughout the Delaware River Watershed, including a ban on the import, processing and discharge of fracking wastewater and a ban on the export of water from Delaware River Watershed to fuel fracking outside of the Basin.