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New York - Constitutional Environmental Rights

large_IMG_3091_0.JPGThe Delaware Riverkeeper Network has been working to support constitutional level protection for environmental rights in New York's constitution.  

While for years there have been provisions discussing various environmental issues in Article XIV, the provisions do not have the high level strength needed to recognize the inherent and indefeasible rights of people to a healthy environment and to provide those rights the same level of protection given to the right to free speech, to freedom of religion and other fundamental rights the people of New York hold dear. 

But this year, Steve Englebright of the New York assembly has proposed this high level of protection.  On April 24, 2017 the proposed bill passed the NY Assembly by an overwhelming majority of 106 to 23.  The next vote will be for a parallel provision in the Senate.

Assemblyman Englebright's bill would place, in the Bill of Rights section the New York Constitution, the following:

"Each person shall have a right to clean air, water, and a healthful environment."