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A River Again: The Story of the Schuylkill River Project
Chari Towne
Hardcover, 234 Pages

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network's most recent publication presents the story of how, in a short time, the Schuylkill went from being considered waters of "uncommon purity" to being this country's dirtiest river. That distinction resulted in the Schuylkill River becoming the focus of a precedent-setting river cleanup effort from 1947 to 1951. A River Again, researched and written by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network's Schuylkill Watershed Specialist Chari Towne, tells the story of how the Schuylkill was allowed to become so polluted and details the efforts of those who worked to restore the health of the river.


Damming the Delaware : The Rise and Fall of Tocks Island Dam
Richard C. Albert
Paperback, 212 Pages

First published in 1987 and named a Choice Outstanding Academic Book the following year, Damming the Delaware is the definitive study of two hundred years of water management history along the Delaware River.  The history of the Tocks Island Dam Project is traced from an early 1783 anti-dam treaty, through the highly emotional environmental controversy in the 1970’s, to the historic Good Faith agreement of the 1980’s.  The story involves the water politics of four states, two major US cities, and the federal government, plus the influence of the environmental movement over major public works projects.


A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River
Gary Letcher
Paperback, 240 Pages


This book is a guide to those who wish to experience the Delaware River in a canoe, kayak, raft, tube or other unpowered craft. It describes the river from the confluence of the East and West Branches at Hancock, NY, to tidewater at Trenton, NJ.

" A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River makes all of this nature, beauty, and history accessible. It tells you those special spots, where to put in and where to take out, the secret stories and locations to look for, where to find the quiet waters and the fast flowing rapids. My copy of an earlier edition is dog-eared, water-spattered, and worn with repeated use---and yet I never head out onto the river without it." Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper

Pond and Brook: A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments
Michael J. Caduto
Paperback, 276 Pages

Designed specifically for the amateur naturalist and filled with hands-on projects and activities, Pond and Brook introduces readers to the intriguing world of freshwater life.  Michael Caduto’s keen eye investigates all common freshwater environments, from wetlands and deep lakes to streams and vernal ponds.  An important feature of the book is its holistic approach to both living and non-living components of freshwater environments, and how they fit together to weave an ecological whole.  Readers will learn the unique properties of water, the basic principles vital to understanding aquatic life, and the origin of freshwater habitats.


Stream Restoration in Pennsylvania:  Ten Case Studies
76 Pages, Full Color

The process and completion of ten specific restoration projects in the state of Pennsylvania.  Techniques and approaches to organizing projects are included, as well as implementation strategies.


In Defense of Watersheds: Protecting Your Community From Flooding Without Dams
Includes case study, “The Demise of Dark Hollow Dam”
154 Pages

Dams and regional detention basins are proliferating in an effort to control increased flooding in the Delaware River Watershed.  Stormwater runoff from sprawling development is the root cause of much of our flooding, of more frequent and more severe drought conditions, and of a downward spiral in the health of our streams.  This approach is not effective, economically viable, or even necessary.  In Defense of Watersheds explains how nonstructural solutions and preventive conservation efforts work more effectively and provides a step by step guide on how to make better alternatives a reality in your community.


The Riverkeepers
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and John Cronin
Foreword by Al Gore
Hardcover, 302 Pages

A modern-day David and Goliath tale, The Riverkeepers is an impassioned firsthand account by two advocates who have taken on powerful corporate and government polluters to win back the river they love.  Interweaving the personal, philosophical, and political, the book is a timely call to action that will resonate across America as the backlash spearheaded by congressional leaders and their major corporate allies threatens to reverse the hard-won victories in environmental law and policy.  It is an eloquent and essential reminder that environmentalism is really about defending democracy and our most basic rights as citizens.


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Remember the River CampaignThe Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean.

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