National Stop the Frack Attack Rally

Date(s): 07/28/2012
Time(s): all day
Location : U.S. Capitol Grounds, Washington D.C.

Call to Action: Join us - STOP THE FRACK ATTACK National Day of Action on July28th, 2012!FrackAttackPoster.jpg

Please join us at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday July 28 to make this the largest rally in history to Stop the Frack Attack and fight for a sustainable energy future! Join the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and organizations, community leaders, celebrities and policy makers in Washington D.C. to tell our federal representatives and the Administration to Stop the Frack Attack.

DRN has arranged bus transportation for the round trip from the Delaware River Watershed to Washington D.C. on July 28; buses are going from Easton, Philadelphia, and Trenton. We’re working with partner groups to fill these buses and can add more if needed.  

There are 3 locations set up: 
Schedule for Stop the Frack Attack Rally Day
  • 1:30 pm Multi-Religious Opening Service led by The Shalom Center and Interfaith Moral Action on Climate.
  • 2:00pm Rally Location: The West Lawn of the Capitol 
  • 3:30 pm March Location: The Streets of DC
  • 3:45 March arrives at American Natural Gas Association building about 3:45 and then at the American Petroleum Inst. Building about 4:15. 
  • 4:30 March starts to arrive at Franklin Park
  • 4:45 End of day
Our Easton, Trenton  and Philadelphia bus departure and arrival times 
  • Easton Depart:  9:00am – Arrive in D.C. 1:00 pm        Return: Leave D.C. 6:00pm – Arrive home 10:54pm 
  • Trenton Depart: 9:00am – Arrive in D.C. 12:30 pm        Return:  Leave D.C. 6:00pm –Arrive home 8:45pm 
  • Philadelphia Depart: 9:00am – Arrive in D.C. 11:45am            Return:  Leave D.C. 6:00pm – Arrive home 7:55pm 
Buses will be leaving D.C. from Franklin Square where the march will terminate about 5:00 pm, at the corner of 13th St. and K St. (between 13th and 14th Sts.)

Go to and sign up to come to this day of action in D.C.  Or, if you don't want to sign up, then be sure to just show up and participate.

We want to make this the largest rally in history to Stop the Frack Attack and fight for a sustainable energy future!

The time is NOW to use our collective power to end oil and gas drilling that harms public health, water and air quality, and the climate
Please make your plans now to journey to Washington D.C. this summer! 

Buses and other transportation are being arranged so stay tuned for details on this group transport option.

From California to New York, from North Dakota to Texas, people across the country are converging on the U.S. Capitol to tell Congress, the President and the world to end the rush to drill and STOP THE FRACK ATTACK
This is the right time and the right place for all of us to take a public stand in the nation’s capital where ultimately the decisions about our nation’s energy future will be made.  We are calling upon Congress and the President to stand with communities who want to protect their land, their health, their water, and their environment and to develop and support sustainable energy sources, not fossil fuels.
Instead of pushing for the increased use of oil and gas, elected officials and public agencies must insist that the industry stop dirty and dangerous drilling and PUT COMMUNITIES FIRST.  As a first step, we need them to close loopholes in environmental laws – laws that every other industry must follow. 

Join us on the U.S. Capitol Grounds on July 28th and join community leaders, celebrities and policymakers calling for a truly clean, fossil fuel free energy future.

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