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Urgent Help Needed

Delaware Riverkeeper Network urgently needs your help and support on the following issues:

Calls Needed Now to PA House to stop “frackers favor” bill

Urgent – Calls Needed Now to PA House to stop “frackers favor” bill – it would bring more pollution, less accountability

What is SB875? SB875 is a bill racing through the PA Legislature right now. It would free from liability drillers and frackers using treated coal mine water in fracking for oil and gas.

The bill does not do what it purports to do (provide an acceptable source of water that can be effectively used in place of freshwater), it risks greater pollution through lack of adequate regulation and oversight, it exposes the public to liabilities that responsible parties will be shielded from, it is not based on scientific evidence that the activities can be performed...  Learn More


Stop PennEast - Don't Let Their Slick Ad Campaign Shout Down the Voices of the People

PE.pngPennEast is Waging a Letter Writing Campaign to FERC

They are Trying to Drown Out Genuine Public Concern With More Slick Marketing and High Priced Support.

Let’s Make Sure FERC Hear’s us Loud and Clear: Stop PennEast!

Pro-pipeline and drilling promoters have initiated a slick marketing campaign to secure letters to FERC and Politicians in support of PennEast. 

We need FERC to hear the opposing voices of those in the communities that will be directly harmed by this pipeline in order to counter PennEast’s efforts to skew the truth. 

FERC needs...  Learn More


Upgrades for Buffers Protection Need Your Support

Call and write the Pennsylvania State Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and urge them to schedule a vote on SB 560, the Riparian Buffer Protection Act, being proposed by Senators Rafferty, Teplitz, Alloway, Hughes, Costa, Schwank, and Leach. 
Based upon the best science, this important piece of legislation supports and encourages protection of riparian buffers along streams, creeks, and rivers in the Commonwealth, and therefore, helps to protect our communities from flooding...  Learn More


Additional Issues : 

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Remember the River

Remember the River CampaignThe Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Remember the River campaign is a tribute to the Delaware. Learn more about this campaign.

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