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Urgent Help Needed

Delaware Riverkeeper Network urgently needs your help and support on the following issues:

Independent Hearings on the PennEast Pipeline Needed - Help Us Send the Message

IMG_3142a.jpg We Need Independent Hearings on the PennEast Pipeline

Tell the Delaware River Basin Commission You Want Them To Hold 7 Independent Hearings to Give the Public a Fair Chance to Be Heard.
Sign our Petition today and join your voice with thousands of others to defend our friends and neighbors in our watershed: Learn More


Support EPA’s Clean Water Act rules - Call or write your Senator today

“NO BLUE, NO GREEN.” Sylvia Earle

But you don’t have to be a marine biologist or a National Geographic explorer-in-residence like Dr. Earle to understand that if we don’t protect our water, we’re toast.
The US EPA and Army Corp has drafted the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rules that will close a significant loop-hole in the Clean Water Act that left many small tributaries and adjacent wetlands vulnerable to pollution and development.  These rules go into effect on July 31, 2015 – but not without a fight!
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to fight back the special interests, such as agri-business; oil, gas and mining...  Learn More


Tell your NJ State Senator to Ban Frack Waste!

On August 11, Governor Christie officially vetoed the Frack Waste Ban Bill, legislation that would prohibit the treatment and discharge of toxic and radioactive frack waste in our state.  The legislation would also prevent polluted fracked drill cuttings from being dumped in our landfills and liquid waste from being sprayed on roads as a de-icer or dust suppressant like they allow in Pennsylvania and New York.

We need your state Senator to vote to override the Governor’s veto – if all the Senators who voted for S1041, the Frack Waste Ban Bill, voted for the override, this legislation will become law.
Please take a minute to send a letter to your Senator today to...  Learn More


Additional Issues : 

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Remember the River

Remember the River CampaignThe Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Remember the River campaign is a tribute to the Delaware. Learn more about this campaign.

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