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Call DRN to report pollution incidents and waterway threats, or file a report online.

Specific agencies respond to different pollution events so be sure to contact the appropriate agency. Please click here for a list of hotline numbers throughout the Delaware Watershed that were compiled by DRN. When contacting the appropriate hotline, tell them all you can about the exact location and nature of the pollution. If you have the ability to safely walk upstream to find the source of pollution, this is ideal. Request a case number when you call, let them know you have alerted Delaware Riverkeeper Network, and request a call back from the assigned agency representative. If you have photos of the pollution, request an email address for these photos to be sent.

Pollution Hotline Reports

During seasonal riparian buffer monitoring, a DRN volunteer monitor documented a cracked sewer line at John Bartrams Park, in Darby Township Delaware County, PA. DRN followed up with rain event monitoring in September to document the raw sewage discharge that flowed from three sewer caps into the Darby Creek. Not only does this discharge pollute the stream which is just downstream of a habitat improvement project implemented in 2003, it also poses a public health threat as park users walk along a path that is polluted by the effluent during rain events. DRN has filed a report with PA DEP and is awaiting follow-up.


10/3/06 -- Pennsylvania DEP investigated the reported sewage problem at Bartrams Park and added this location discovered by DRN into the DEP consent order addressed to Darby Borough. This area is one of other problem locations along the sewer line. DRN will be receiving a copy of the timeline and consent agreement between PA DEP and the Borough upon finalization.

Initial Report: 9.15.06 A fisherman reported that he ran into trees and branches, some 20' long, in the Delaware River along the Pennsylvania shore at Tinicum Township, Bucks County. The trees were freshly cut from the riparian area and apparently thrown into the river. The trees and branches are scattered for about 1/4 mile downstream, are being caught up on an old mill impoundment and causing a shift in water flow patterns and posing a safety hazard.
Update: 9.20.06 DRN investigated the site and took photos. Many very large trees were cut along the riverbank and some trees and branches were thrown into the water. On 9/15 DRN reported the situation to Tinicum Township and PA Fish and Boat Commission. As a result, Tinicum Township zoning officer investigated the site and will be issuing an enforcement action to the owner of Evermay B&B, 889 River Rd., Erwinna, the responsible party. The action violates the township's riparian protection regulations that restrict tree cutting along the water. The waterways patrolman from PA Fish and Boat is investigating the site and a report is forthcoming from the State. DRN will be advocating for remediation of the damage done (the Township --once proceedings are complete-- can require tree and vegetation planting, bank stabilization and riparian area repair; PA Fish and Boat have separate procedures to address violations of State regulations) and removal of the trees and branches from the river. Further reports will be posted here.