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CALL IN Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – June 3, 4 and 5 - to stop DRBC Takeover Bill!


CALL IN Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – June 3, 4 and 5 - to stop DRBC Takeover Bill!

PA Senate Committee to vote on SB305 and House of Representatives to take floor vote on HB827 - bills that would subject a DRBC fracking ban to eminent domain payments

FIRST - Please make a call MONDAY to your Representative in the PA House asking for a NO vote on HB827, legislation cited as “Designating certain activity by the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) as the exercise of the power of eminent domain that entitles the owners of the property in question to appropriate and just compensation.”  The bill was stalled in May but is scheduled for a vote today or tomorrow and with more calls we can keep it from passing!

SECOND - The Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee has scheduled a vote on Tuesday, June 4 at 9:30 am on SB305, the Senate version ofHB 827.  Senator Lisa Baker’s MEMO on the bill claims that a ban on fracking is a “taking” and property owners are due compensation, which is not legally correct, is inflammatory, and wrong-headed on its face. We all know banning fracking protects property and land rights, providing lasting and deep benefits.

Fill out the form below to look up and connect yourself with your Pennsylvania Representative and Senator. Or manually look up your Representative and Senators here.

Please also contact the chairs of the Senate Committee:
PA State Senator Gene Yaw, Chair of the Environmental Resources & Energy Committee (717) 787-3280
PA State Senator John Yudichak, Minority Chair of the Environmental Resources & Energy Committee (717) 787-7105

Please call your elected representatives NOW to say you oppose HB827 / SB305 because:

• The bill is illegal. The DRBC has authority to make decisions regarding the water resources of the Delaware River Watershed. SB305 and HB827 would violate the Compact and principles of federalism, as a state cannot unilaterally impose requirements on an interstate compact commission.

• It is a matter of settled law that agencies make decisions that affect land use, water resources, and property as a matter of course.  Functions carried out by the DRBC such as prohibiting an industrial activity are proper and necessary to protect the public and environmental resources. 

Read HB827 here:
Read SB305 here:

An agency regulation to ban fracking is not an exercise of eminent domain and does not require compensation to private property owners nor can the State Legislature tell DRBC what to do. See the letter submitted by Delaware Riverkeeper Network in opposition to the bill here.

SB305 and HB827 is a dangerous attempt to undermine reasonable government efforts to protect the health, safety and environment from the destruction caused by fracking.  A duly adopted ban on fracking benefits peoples’ health and the environment, it’s an important preservation of our environmental rights, and it’s not an exercise of eminent domain.