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Call Governor Wolf TODAY on HB1100 – the PA Fracking Promotion Bill!


Tell him to follow through on his veto pledge NOW!

HB1100 has passed the PA Legislature and will be going to the Governor in mid-March. It makes over a billion dollars available in tax credits to the petrochemical industry. This type of subsidy spurred Shell to site the cracker plant to produce plastics in Beaver County and is being touted by Legislators for developing methanol plants in Northeastern PA, among other methane-fueled projects such as the processing of ammonia, and urea for fertilizer from PA shale gas. Read the bill here: The Governor is under tremendous pressure from pro-fracking forces and some labor interests to approve the bill. We need to show him we support his veto!

Call Governor Wolf NOW at 717-787-2500

Tell him: Stick by your pledge to veto this horrendous bill! Because:

  • We do not need more fracking, more pollution from shale gas development, more processing of petrochemicals to make the plastics the globe is drowning in or more chemicals and fertilizers to pollute our land and water.
  • HB1100 is one of a package of shale gas promotion bills (“Energize PA”) introduced by the Republican majority Legislature to incentivize new petrochemical and energy plants using shale gas from PA. The Department of Revenue estimates a cost to the taxpayer of about $22 million per plant per year, until 2050. The insult of taxpayers having to foot the bill for more ruinous fracking is being added to the injury communities and the environment are suffering from shale gas. We will not accept this!
  • Pennsylvania needs a new green economy that supports clean water and air to replace fracking and petrochemicals. Clean renewable energy and a just transition for workers from jobs that make them sick to healthy and family-supporting employment is the future we want.

Thank you for taking action to save Pennsylvania from more fracking, more pollution!