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Help Protect the Wild & Scenic Tinicum Creek and Save the Historic Headquarters Road Bridge


PennDOT and the Wolf Administration are moving ahead with plans to needlessly demolish the historic Headquarters Road Bridge in Tinicum Township, Bucks County. Built in 1812 the bridge is a contributing element to the National Register of Historic Places Ridge Valley Historic District and crosses the Wild & Scenic and Exceptional Value Tinicum Creek. The oversized bridge replacement will inflict irreparable harm on our region’s history and cherished natural resources.

Shockingly, the plan for destruction is unnecessary – rather than demolish the bridge and damage the Creek, PennDOT could rehabilitate the historic bridge while enhancing and protecting stream quality.  Join us in urging and thanking the Bucks County Commissioners for their efforts to advance this common sense and cost-effective solution.

  • Despite opposition from residents, PennDOT is seeking state environmental permits for the bridge demolition and replacement project.
  • Experts have determined repairing the bridge will cause far less damage to to the beautiful Tinicum Creek: “It is clear that the [PennDOT] bridge realignment proposal is fundamentally flawed and will cause significant, if not catastrophic, environmental impacts from the erosion of soils and the loss of riparian vegetation downstream of the current bridge.”
  • The Delaware Riverkeeper Network has put forth preliminary design plans for repairing the bridge at a lower cost than replacing the structure.

We need you to tell the Bucks County Commissioners that we appreciate their outreach to Governor Wolf urging preservation of the bridge and to urge them to continue the effort to secure a rehabilitated bridge that will respect and protect the environmental, historic, transportation and safety goals and needs of our community.

Send your email today, or place a quick phone call, just a few minutes of your time could prevent the loss of hundreds of years of history and environmental protection:

Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, Chair Bucks County Commissioners
Phone: 212-348-6425

Robert J. Harvie Jr., Vice Chair, Bucks County Commissioner
Phone: 215-348-6424

Gene DiGirolamo Bucks County Commissioner
Phone: 215-348-6426

Use the sample language below, making sure to add in your hometown and any other information you’d like:


Dear Chair Ellis-Marseglia -
Commissioner Robert J. Harvie  -
Commissioner Gene DiGirolamo  -,

I am writing to the Bucks County Board of Commissioners to voice my appreciation for the Commissioners contacting Governor Wolf and asking him to preserve the historic Headquarters Road Bridge in Tinicum Township, Bucks County. Please continue to use your authority to find a path that will preserve the historic structure, protect our exceptional value Tinicum Creek, and secure an open bridge as soon as possible.

Many Tinicum residents have been working to preserve this link to our past despite the efforts of PennDOT to demolish the bridge and replace it with a costly, two lane structure.

I live in (home town) and I’ve learned to appreciate the value of this area.

If you’ve ever visited the National Register Ridge Valley Historic District; travelled the beautiful local roads and communities of Tinicum; walked, paddled or otherwise enjoyed any portion of the Tinicum Creek you will understand the urgency in preserving the Headquarters Road Bridge and Tinicum Creek.

Tinicum Township and Bucks County residents are concerned about the environmental impacts of replacing the bridge. The Tinicum Creek is a Wild and Scenic designated waterway. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network experts have documented the many ways that PennDOT’s demolition and construction plans will not only needlessly destroy this beautiful area of irreplaceable history, but will also destabilize the stream channel with long term and harmful consequences for the creek and community.

Several bridge replacement projects in the area of the Headquarters Road Bridge have already resulted in irreversible damage. Two bridge replacement projects in 2011 and 2012 have resulted in a re-alignment of Headquarters Road increasing speeds on the roadway, and inhibiting fire truck access from one roadway, damaging the stream, and needlessly destroying part of our region and nation’s history.

Please continue your efforts to persuade Governor Wolf and PennDOT to preserve history and protect the environment.

Thank you,