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DRBC Frack Ban Vote - Feb 25


BREAKING! Ban on Fracking in Delaware River Watershed?

Fate to be decided in Historic Vote February 25

Join the DRBC public meeting Thursday, February 25, 10:30 am!

See how to join the meeting here:

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has set a special meeting for Thursday Feb. 25 to decide if they are going to ban fracking in the Delaware River Watershed. The last minute announcement for a special meeting gave just one week’s notice saying they “will consider final action on DRBC’s Proposed Amendments to the Administrative Manual and Special Regulations Regarding Hydraulic Fracturing Activities”.

We have been calling for a final decision by DRBC to ban fracking, ban frack wastewater import and discharges within the watershed, and ban water withdrawals for fracking since they issued the draft gas regulations in November 2017. So this is FINALLY THE VOTE that could prevent fracking and its operations PERMANENTLY and FULLY in the Delaware River Watershed after over a decade of struggle to get this essential protection in place, making the current fracking moratorium permanent.

As most all of you know, the DRBC voting members are the Governors of the four states that flow to the Delaware – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware – and a federal representative for President Biden from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The draft gas regulations were issued for public comment on November 30, 2017 and the public comment period closed on March 30, 2018. The last three years have shown the public’s deep engagement on this issue with over 100,000 petitions submitted to the Governors calling for them to vote for a full ban and attendance by our Coalition organizations and the public at all the DRBC public meetings to ensure they were kept up to date as the hundreds of reports have been issued showing the devastation that occurs from fracking to people who live in harm’s way and to the environment and our water supplies.

PLEASE JOIN US to witness this historic vote that should, by all rights, provide a full ban, considering the pledges already made by the Governors to vote for a full ban on fracking, frack wastewater and water withdrawals for fracking and considering President Biden has pledged to decarbonize our energy sources and enact strong environmental and water regulations. They need to know WE ARE WATCHING so zoom or call in next Thursday: Instructions to join the meeting here:

THANK YOU and stay tuned for more social media tools on this site that you can use to bring others to the meeting and share how you feel about the upcoming vote!