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Submit your photos for our Delaware River Basin Frack Ban Photothon!


The Delaware River Frack Ban Coalition is running a PHOTOTHON this summer!

What will the future of the Delaware River Watershed look like? Send your photos so we can express your vision!

We are collecting photos - ones you have from the past and new ones you snap now – that will be sent to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) showing them what we are defending from the pollution caused by wastewater produced by fracking and from the draining of the waters of our basin to be used to frack other places.

The DRBC will be issuing draft regulations by September 30 regarding the import of frack wastewater to the Watershed for discharge and disposal and the export of water from the Watershed for use in fracking elsewhere. We want these activities COMPLETELY BANNED, just like the permanent ban on fracking itself that was adopted by DRBC in February.

To show DRBC how precious this Watershed is and our commitment to defend it, we want to share photos of what we love, how we enjoy the watershed, and what the Delaware means to us.

We’ll be showing the photos as they come in on each of the Coalition’s webinar forums during our Summer Full Frack Ban Webinar Series and then submitting them to DRBC in September.

Send us your pictures of you and your friends and family having fun in the Delaware River Basin!
(The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form)

Thank you for joining us to show DRBC what we love about the Delaware River Watershed and don’t want ruined by frack pollution and water depletion!