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Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority / Vallisneria

A project has been proposed for the Camden waterfront that would fill the Delaware River and destroy rare & extraordinary ecological habitats. The Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, in collaboration the consulting firm Stantec Inc. and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, seeks to permanently impact 3.7 acres of the Delaware River that is currently thriving with one of the most treasured habitats in the tidal river, dense aquatic plant beds of Vallisneria americana (commonly known as “water celery” or “freshwater eel grass”). Although motivated by a desire to enhance the Delaware River’s habitats, the proposed project instead destroys essential habitat for fish, invertebrates, and waterfowl. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is seeking solutions to prevent this destruction, and instead work collaboratively to enhance the existing habitats in the tidal Delaware River and protect these habitats from human threats.

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Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority / Vallisneria