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Cove Point LNG Proposal

Delaware Riverkeeper Network has joined with organizations from across the region to oppose the proposed Dominion Cove Point Liquified Natural Gas export facility. 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an Environmental Assessment and draft General Conformity Determination in response to the Dominion Cove Point’s application to export natural gas overseas from its Maryland facility in Lusby, Maryland. The FERC Environmental Assessment basically waved away all the serious problems with the application, ignore basic facts about the proposal, and try to say the impacts are so minor that they don’t even need to do a full environmental impact study.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network strongly disagrees.  The record regarding the Cove Point LNG proposal is clear, the project will harm water resources, air quality, and the environment of present and future generations, it will do so both directly and as a result of the pipeline construction, compressor station construction, and the increased shale gas development that will be undertaken in order to service and support its operations.  

The TranscoTranscontinental (“Transco”) Leidy Southeast Project (“Leidy SE Line”) will be among those pipelines that provides gas to the Cove Point facility, as will the Atlantic Sunrise Project.

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