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Delaware City Refinery

The Delaware City Refinery kills 30 to 45 million fish a year — needlessly. 

Striped Bass, Weakfish, White Perch, Bay Anchovy are among the 53 species indiscriminately killed at the facility. As much as 19% of the Bay Anchovy population of the Delaware River and Bay are killed at the Delaware City Refinery along. The Delaware City Refinery and Salem Nuclear Generating Station together, just those two facilities on the River, kill over half the Striped Bass population of the River and Bay. 

On August 31, 2002, the Clean Water Act permit for the Delaware City Refinery expired. This is the permit that governs not only their water pollution discharges, but also the level of environmental harm their cooling water intake structures, used to pull in water from the River to cool their operations, are allowed to inflict. 

Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act says they have to minimize the adverse environmental impact these cooling water intake structures inflict. But because the Delaware City Refinery has been operating under an expired permit for over 10 years they have not been forced to come into compliance with this provision of the law. 

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is taking action to try to ensure the facility is brought into compliance with 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.

Finally, after pressure exerted by litigation brought by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Delaware Audubon and Delaware Sierra Club, the State has finally issued a draft permit for public comment.

See below for a copy of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network's submitted comments.


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