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New York's Green Amendment For The Generations

For The Generations has been working with our principle, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, as well as Environmental Advocates of New York  to support constitutional level protection for environmental rights in New York’s constitution.

While for years there have been provisions discussing various environmental issues in Article XIV, the provisions do not have the high level strength needed to recognize the inherent and indefeasible rights of people to a healthy environment and to provide those rights the same level of protection given to the right to free speech, to freedom of religion and other fundamental rights the people of New York hold dear.

But in 2017, Steve Englebright of the New York assembly has proposed this high level of protection with bill A2064. A parallel provision has been proposed in the NY Senate by Senator David Carlucci.

There are currently 47 sponsors on the Assembly version of the bill. The companion Senate bill, S2072 has 21 sponsors. View all the sponsors of the bill here.

As of April 30, 2019 the New York legislators, in both the state Assembly and Senate, voted for first passage of a proposed amendment to the NY State Constitution that would recognize and protect the inalienable right to clean water, clean air and a healthful environment. The vote count was overwhelmingly in support of passage with senators voting for passage 45 to 17 and the Assembly members voting 110-34.  The bill must pass both houses a second time when the next New York Legislature is seated in 2021.  If passed, the proposed amendment would be placed on the New York state ballot for the people to vote upon.

Write your letter today to urge full support for these environmental rights to be added to the New York constitution.

If you are an organization or business who wants to sign on in support of New York’s Green Amendment, consider signing on to our organization sign on letter.

Bill Sponsors
NY Senators
Name Sponsorship District  Party 
David Carlucci Primary 38 D
Joseph Addabbo Jr Cosponsor 15 D
Jamaal T. Bailey Cosponsor 36 D
Alessandra Biaggi Cosponsor 34 D, WF
Neil D. Breslin Cosponsor 44 D, IP, WF
John Brooks Cosponsor 8 D
Andrew Gounardes Cosponsor 22 D
Pete Harckman Cosponsor 40 D, WF
Brad Hoylman Cosponsor 27 D, WF
Todd Kaminsky Cosponsor 9 D
Anna Kaplan Cosponsor 7 D
Liz Krueger Cosponsor 28 D, WF
Shelley Mayer Cosponsor 37 D, WF
Jen Metzger Cosponsor 42 D, WF
Zellnor Myrie Cosponsor 20 D
James Sanders Cosponsor 10 D
Diane Savino Cosponsor 23 D, IP
Luis Sepulveda Cosponsor 32 D
Jose Serrano Cosponsor 29 D, WF
James Skoufis Cosponsor 39 D
Toby Ann Stavisky Cosponsor 16 D


NY Assembly Members
Name Sponsorship District  Party 
Steve Englebright Primary 4 D
Richard Gottfried Cosponsor 75 D
Felix Ortiz Cosponsor 51 D
Angelo Santabarbara Cosponsor 111 D
Jeffrey Dinowitz Cosponsor 81 D
William Colton Cosponsor 47 D
Barbara Lifton Cosponsor 125 D
Deborah Glick Cosponsor 66 D
Patricia Fahy Cosponsor 109 D
Thomas Abinanti Cosponsor 92 D
Steven Otis Cosponsor 91 D
Kimberly Jean-Pierre Cosponsor 11 D
Charles Lavine Cosponsor 13 D
Walter Mosley Cosponsor 57 D
Jo Anne Simon Cosponsor 52 D
Sandy Galef Cosponsor 95 D
Ellen Jaffee Cosponsor 97 D
Vivian Cook Cosponsor 32 D
Jose Rivera Cosponsor 78 D
Anthony D’Urso Cosponsor 16 D
Pamela Hunter Cosponsor 128 D
Phil Steck Cosponsor 110 D
Crystal Peoples-Stokes Cosponsor 141 D
Jaime Williams Cosponsor 59 D
Rodneyse Bichotte Cosponsor 42 D
Philip Ramos Cosponsor 6 D
David Weprin Cosponsor 24 D
Michele Titus Cosponsor 31 D
Alicia Hyndman Cosponsor 29 D
Rebecca Seawright Cosponsor 76 D
Donna Lupardo Cosponsor 123 D
Linda Rosenthal Cosponsor 67 D
Inez Barron Cosponsor 42 D
Latrice Walker Cosponsor 55 D
Robert Carroll Cosponsor 44 D
Didi Barrett Cosponsor 106 D
Carmen De La Rosa Cosponsor 72 D
Kevin Cahill Cosponsor 103 D
Fred Thiele Cosponsor 1 D
Karines Reyes Cosponsor 87 D
Aileen Gunther Cosponsor 100 D
Maritza Davila Cosponsor 53 D
Harvey Epstein Cosponsor 74 D
Jeffrion Aubry Cosponsor 35 D
Catalina Cruz Cosponsor 39 D
Judy Griffin Cosponsor 21 D
Joseph Lentol Cosponsor 50 D




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