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Discharge to Brock Creek, Lower Makefield, PA

A resident reported October 16, 2006 that he saw a white substance being discharged from a pipe on a construction site in Lower Makefield Township to drainage ditch. The white milky substance then flowed from the drainage way to a tributary of Brock Creek and then into Brock Creek where it was still visible on the bottom of the creek for a distance. The substance was not stuck to the sides of the creek or drainage ways but did seem heavier than the water in the stream. The active construction site is on the corner of Oxford Valley Road and Heacock Road and the pipe goes under Emerald Drive, traveling about 100 yards from the construction site. The resident was advised to report immediately to the Township offices. DRN reported to Bucks Conservation District. The inspector from the Conservation District is visiting the site to investigate and will be taking all necessary action. Updates will be posted here.