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I-95 Tanker Truck Fire

In the early morning hours of June 11, 2023 a tanker truck caught on fire at the Cottman Avenue exit of I-95. The tanker truck was carrying 87 octane gasoline.  The fire weakened the overpass.  As a result the the highway overpass northbound lanes collapsed, with damage also inflicted on the southbound lanes.  The Coast Guard deployed crews to the scene.  PADEP and EPA Region III were also on site to join the Coast Guard in assessing environmental impacts to waterways.  Some of the product carried by the tanker truck migrated into the sewer/storm drains.  A very light sheen was reportedly found in the River at the Cottman Avenue outfall.  Booms were put in place to contain the sheen and prevent further contamination of the River.

According to agency reports. There were several small explosions that took place within the storm system.  The City and PennDOT are planning to flush the system to prevent future explosions.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network will continue to monitor reports on the status of the event.