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Stormwater Utility/User Fees


Stormwater User Fees and Utilities are gaining more attention as a mechanism for funding stormwater projects in communities.

Radnor Township, PA is currently considering a user fee.  
The concept of a user fee is neither supported nor opposed by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network as long as the funds are used for beneficial projects and not the standards collect, detain and pipe projects of the past.

The first proposed iteration of Radnor’s ordinance failed to ensure that fees collected and credits given can be invested in projects that avoid stormwater runoff and/or that directly address the damages of runoff. The ordinance faile to include criteria for selecting and evaluating projects. And, the ordinance faile to ensure equity between residential property owners and commercial/institutional property owners in fees paid.  

Delaware Riverkeeper Network gave extensive written and verbal comment and urged others to do the same.  Below you will see a summary handout of DRN’s comments as well as two sets of comments delivered to the Township, including via testimony on 8/26/13.

The Commissioners then came around and made critical fixes to the proposal.  
The ordinance was edited to address most of DRN’s concerns including focusing the use of fees collected and credits given on prevention, avoidance and minimization of the volume, pollution and other associated harms of runoff.    Much credit was given to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network for our guidance and input.

Below find some of the comments being submitted to the committee by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network as it monitors the implementation of the program.