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Leave a Legacy

About the Marijke-Headwaters Society

“My Oma was a woman who not only enjoyed nature for herself but always wanted to share it with me. She believed in protecting nature for the good of our planet and for future generations to have always. She knew that even when she was gone I would always be able to find her in Nature.” – Anneke van Rossum

After the passing of Marijke Wijsmuller in 2004, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network formed The Marijke-Headwaters Society to honor the individual efforts of this long-time supporter of, and volunteer with, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network. Marijke Wijsmuller worked to make the world a healthier, more beautiful place with native plants. She inspired many to follow her example of care and protection for the environment including her daughter, the Delaware Riverkeeper, Maya van Rossum.

Today, the Marijke-Headwaters Society also honors those whose legacy gifts will benefit the entire Delaware River system for generations to come, similar to the way our headwaters streams play an essential role in the health of all downstream waters.

To show our ongoing appreciation, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network honors members of The Marijke-Headwaters Society throughout the year with:


  • A “Remember the River” lapel pin.
  • Recognition in publications like River Rapids, our postcard newsletter, or in our annual report (unless donors choose to remain anonymous).
  • Invitations to special events, trips and paddles.

Yet, the greatest benefit members of the Marijke-Headwaters Society receive is the knowledge that they are helping to ensure a strong river advocacy organization working throughout the 13,539 square miles of the Delaware River Watershed.

Photo of the sky over the Delaware River

Long-term or Planned Giving

Long-term or planned giving means making a commitment to a charitable organization for the donation of a major gift to be given over a period of time or at death. Those who make this type of commitment to protecting the River are honored by becoming members of the Marijke-Headwaters Society, a group of forward-thinking donors who have chosen a legacy gift to help ensure that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of clean streams. There are multiple ways to make a planned gift, including:

In your will:  Make a gift to support the River in your will or living trust.

Retirement Plan Assets:  Use your tax-deferred retirement plan assets to benefit the River.

Life Income Gifts:  Transfer assets to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and you and your chosen beneficiary receive income for a term of years or for life. After the conclusion of the term, the remainder of the life income gift is distributed to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

Consult with a qualified professional advisor to help you in making your planned gift. If you’d like to discuss your intentions for a planned gift with us, please contact Development at 215-369-1188 ext 122.

Photo of the Delaware River in the summer