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Dissolved Oxygen Criteria

On March 5th the Delaware Riverkeeper Network delivered to the Delaware River Basin Commission a petition asking them to take steps to protect fish populations of the Delaware Estuary by ensuring the oxygen levels of the Estuary are set, met and protected at a level that support not just fish living there, but fish reproducing and growing in all of the waters of the Delaware Estuary. The Petition was formally submitted by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and the Delaware River Shad Fishermen’s Association and the Lehigh River Stocking Association. 

On January 24th, 2013 the Delaware Riverkeeper Maya van Rossum proposed a resolution to the DRBC Water Quality Advisory Committee that the Resolution be advanced, and that within one year DRBC prepare a description of the existing aquatic life uses of the Delaware Estuary which will be used to craft a formal Finding of Existing Uses that will be presented to the Commissioners.

An Existing Use Evaluation Draft has been crafted by the DRBC which identifies that fish propagation is happening throughout estuary waters. This document and recognition is an important step in getting DRBC to upgrade its water quality criteria in order to protect species like the Atlantic Sturgeon. 

After nearly 10 years of delay, the DRBC again calls for “more studies.”  See Delaware Riverkeeper Networks comment below dated 4.3.17 and then go to our action alert to please submit your own by April 13.

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