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River Tech

Defending the Delaware River Watershed

Delaware Riverkeeper Network uses a combination of strong science, community action, and legal expertise to defend the Delaware River, its tributaries, and communities. DRN is a leader in regional watershed issues with the ability to undertake technical monitoring and restoration studies and to implement cutting edge restoration projects. Solid information and impeccable documentation are our mainstays, often leading to successful on-the-ground improvements to tributary streams and adoption of watershed plans at the local and regional level that better protect the Delaware River.

Technical Assistance

Since 1992, DRN’s technical team has provided an array of technical assistance to partnering watershed groups, municipalities, agencies, and other conservation groups to develop watershed and restoration plans and to implement monitoring programs and restoration projects that document conditions and return impaired streams to healthy thriving systems. Below is a sampling of expertise DRN can provide through our River Tech program.

River Tech Assists With:

  • Watershed assessments and planning
  • Quality assurance/quality control plans
  • Fluvial geomorphic stream assessments
  • Floodplain protections
  • Protective ordinances
  • Landuse management recommendations
  • Native plantings and riparian buffer restoration
Photo of a creek
Photo shows Monitors collecting stream data
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices
  • In-stream fish habitat enhancements
  • Design and construction oversight of holistic stream restoration projects
  • Invasive species mapping and management plans
  • Macroinvertebrate and water chemistry sampling
  • Soil bioengineering

River Tech Can Help Your Community