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Parks for Cash Defeated

“Parks for Cash” Plan by the PA Legislature Defeated

HB 2224 began working its way through the Pennsylvania Legislature in Spring 2012. The bill would have removed the court oversight that now prevents municipalities from shortsightedly selling our local parks, open spaces, trails and other public lands for quick cash. Unfortunately, little attention was given to HB 2224 or its implications early on and it passed the Pennsylvania House 197 – 0. But as the bill moved to the Pennsylvania Senate this fall, greater scrutiny revealed the harm that could result if HB 2224 passed.

 The Delaware Riverkeeper Network joined with other conservation organizations opposing HB 2224. We first urged amending HB 2224. The bill was amended, but still left our public lands and greenspaces at risk. We also encouraged our members to let their senators know how you feel about selling “parks for cash and they responded.

HB 2224 has been defeated (October 2012). The Senate never voted on HB 2224, despite a vote on the bill being scheduled. And so, HB 2224 and the concept of parks for cash is dead. Any attempt to move this kind of legislation again will have to start over in the House in 2013.

Thanks for your support for the protection of the open spaces that help protect our water quality.