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Beaver Creek, Delaware County, PA


Beaver Creek – Following up on work begun in 2015, DRN continued its advocacy supporting stronger protections for Beaver Creek in Delaware County. This stream flows from Pennsylvania into the Delaware and portions of its landscape are included in the First State National Historical Park. DRN supported the Beaver Creek Conservancy’s 2015 effort to petition for an upgraded designation of Beaver Creek. 

In 2020, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) released its antidegradation investigation, proposing only a short segment of the stream receive stronger protections (High Quality or “HQ” designation). When the PADEP called for comments on its draft report, DRN secured an extension to the December comment deadline. We are now engaged in mobilizing public comment and we are also advocating for stronger protections (Exceptional Value or “EV” designation) than PADEP is proposing based on the national historical park designation. The comment deadline is February 12, 2021. 


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