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Upper Delaware Regional Upgrade Petition to PA DEP


The Upper and Middle Delaware River is a jewel for our nation.  It inspires and provides for millions of Americans.  In December 2011, Delaware Riverkeeper Network and our local, regional and national allies submitted a petition to the Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection (PADEP) to upgrade the Upper and Middle Delaware region to Exceptional Value (EV) status.  Based on diverse and healthy water quality, the vast public lands in the region, the importance of the Delaware River as provider of clean water to 15 million Americans, and the incredible ecotourism that this region brings to millions of citizens, this action is needed to give this region the designation it deserves.  

This EV designation is reserved for the state’s cleanest and healthiest streams.  There are only 3,300 miles of streams in Pennsylvania that have EV status and about 23,000 miles that have High Quality (HQ) status.  See an overall map of the proposed upgrade area here

Delaware Riverkeeper Network is seeking input from the community to supplement the data package that we originally submitted in 2011. Do you know of community projects, water protection initiatives restoration projects, protective municipal ordinances or local government actions that have occurred in the Upper Delaware region since 2011?  Please help us gather this information to supplement the petition.  Fill out this quick survey located here to have a community project or initiative included in the petition supplement:  


Beaver Creek, Delaware County, PA

Geryville Quarry (Dormant)

Tohickon Creek

Whetstone Run

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