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Save the endangered Atlantic Sturgeon!


Call on Our Government Agencies to Act Now to Protect Our Sturgeon From Extinction.

With Only 250 Spawning Adults Left We Are Running Out of Time!

The Delaware River is home to a genetically unique population of Atlantic Sturgeon found nowhere else in the world. The Atlantic sturgeon, listed as a federally protected endangered species since 2012, has a storied history in our Delaware River. Early American settlers said there were so many they could cross the River walking on their backs. But today, there are less than 250 spawning adults left of the River’s genetically unique line. Resource managers and regulatory agencies have neglected their duties to protect the health, habitat, and safety of the sturgeon.  Soon it will be too late. The agencies have lacked in their duties by:

  • The Delaware River Basin Commission is failing to pass legal standards needed to ensure the sturgeon have enough oxygen in the water to support every aspect of their lives.
  • The USEPA is, like the DRBC, failing to ensure needed pollution protection standards.
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers keeps dredging and deepening the River, inflicting direct harm on the sturgeon and permitting passage of bigger ships that are slicing the sturgeon with their propellers or bashing them to death with their immense size.
  • The National Marine Fisheries Service says yes to every dredging, development, port, industrial operation and powerplant put before them, despite their direct harms on the sturgeon.

The sturgeon need your help TODAY before it is too late!

The truth is, if our agencies don’t start to take immediate action, we will be burying the last of this beautiful ancient species, adding them to the ever growing list of extinct species, and depriving future generations of the opportunity to witness this majestic giant, swimming in the Delaware River.

Please Sign The Petition below to urge the agencies to act and save the Atlantic Sturgeon of the Delaware.