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Remember The River

The Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean. The Delaware's 13,539 square mile watershed is only about four-tenths of one percent of the continental U.S. land area, but it supplies water to five percent of the nation's population --- over 15 million people

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Valuing the Delaware River

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is in the process of finalizing a comprehensive report that helps make us aware of the many functions that are dependent on a healthy river—and why we should all Remember the River in every decision we make. Check out our "River Values Report"
See preview of six dedicated sections of the report below.

The Lifeblood of the Region

Rivers are, quite literally, the arteries of our world. They provide drinking water and nourishment; enable access to hard to get to places; and are a constant source of inspiration and tranquility. Humans, fish, birds, and wildlife all need rivers to survive...[ Read more ]

Clean Water

While nearly 5 percent of the U.S. population relies on the Delaware River for their drinking water supply, the Delaware is also the source of water for washing, cooking, watering, and a wide range of other personal and Industrial uses. Clean water is critical...[ Read more ]

Recreation for All

Recreational activities thrive on and along the Delaware, providing benefits far greater than the millions of dollars they contribute to the region’s economy every year. Swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, biking, and bird watching are but a few of the health-giving, soul feeding pastimes... [ Read more ]

Wildlife Wonders

The Delaware River and Bay provides habitat for hundreds of wildlife species that supply humans with food, attract tourists, and support the medical industry. The Bay houses the largest population of horseshoe crabs in the world and is a crucial stopover for countless migrating birds... [ Read more ]

Culture and History

From headwaters to sea, the Delaware is one of the nation's most historically significant corridors, full of natural, cultural, and archeological treasures. Revloutionary era buildings, historic canals, Native American and colonial sites, and towns filled with antique architecture and 19th Century mills... [ Read more ]

Environment and Economy

The clean, clear waters of the upper and middle Delaware are rich in fish and wildlife and support a wild landscape where residents enjoy a rural way of life. The lower Delaware and its estuary host an active commercial fishery, along with the largest freshwater port complex in the world… [ Read more ]

What's New?

Highway Signs up in NJ & PA!

Look for new highway signs welcoming you to the Delaware River Watershed as you travel along Routes 76 and 476 in PA and at various locations in New Jersey.

Highway Signs Coming to New York.

Although NY State law doesn't allow our colorful Entering the Delaware River Watershed signs, DRN is working with each of the Delaware watershed counties and the NYDOT to install their own signs marking the entry and exit points to the watershed. New York holds the mountains and headwater streams that create the Delaware River, and it is important that drivers and residents Remember the River every time they cross its boundaries.