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Columbia Eastside Expansion Project

Update - 2/26/15 - Tell FERC No Tree Cuts – Don’t Rubberstamp Construction of Columbia Pipeline
FERC Docket No: CP 14-17
Two separate natural gas pipeline projects proposed to cut through the Delaware River Basin are requesting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) give the green light to allow tree cutting along the proposed pipeline routes to begin, despite the fact that the pipeline operators still do not have all of their required permits including their Army Corps wetlands permits.  Weigh into FERC now to demand they not allow this cart before horse harmful practice to continue.  The pipeline companies use this ploy time and time again to begin cutting mature forests along pipeline routes prematurely – and FERC often rubberstamps these requests.  These linear pipelines cut through hundreds of wetlands, streams, forests, and properties yet they want special treatment to begin work before reviews are complete and permits are issued or denied.  DRN attorneys are working to stop this travesty, but we need your voice to support our efforts.
Please write a comment now on the FERC website - tell them to deny tree cutting or any other pipeline construction work to begin and halt any partial orders to proceed – FERC its time you SAY NO.    
To submit an electronic comment go to

Under Document and Filings, Click on E-Comment and submit and fill out a request.  FERC will send an email with a link for you to comment.  Comments limited to 6,000 characters (its good to write comment out first so you are not timed out).  Its important to include the Proper Docket numbers for each of the projects when you comment. 

Columbia’s Eastside Expansion Project – FERC Docket CP14-17 (Gloucester Co, NJ, Chester Co, PA, and Easton, PA Compressor Station and Milford, PA Compressor Station)

Background:  The East Side Expansion Project is proposed by Columbia Gas Transmission (“Columbia”). The proposed Project will include construction of two natural gas looping pipelines and related facilities. The Line 1278 Loop is proposed to consist of approximately 8.9 miles of 26-inch-diameter pipeline in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and the Line 10345 Loop will consist of approximately 7.4 miles of 20-inch-diameter pipeline in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Compressor stations modifications to an existing compressor station in Milford, PA are also part of impacts planned for this project in the Delaware River Basin.  Columbia is seeking authorization to expand its pipeline system by 310,000 dekatherms per day (“Dth/d”).

View Delaware Riverkeeper Network's response to Columbia's request to begin tree cutting and make changes to Beaver Creek crossing below.

To review the Delaware Riverkeeper Network's comments expressed to FERC and our scoping comments submitted in June 2013 or our motion to intervene submitted in December 2013 to FERC see the links below.

To view Delaware Riverkeeper Network's 1/23/14 comments submitted to PA DEP on Columbia's proposed Chapter 105 Permit for wetlands and stream encroachments see the pdf file below.

To follow the process and documents for this project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:  
Sign up at 
Sign yourself up with an account and password and then ask for an eSubscription
You will want to search for and then sign up to follow Docket No. CP-14-17 (pre-filing docket was CP 13-7).

To see a map of this project and the others proposed for the Delaware River Watershed view our
pipeline map. 

To learn more about pipelines in general check out the documents and information at:

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